Hahn launches Senate Campaign

Hahn launches Senate Campaign

THIEF RIVER FALLS — Republican Edwin Dale Hahn will officially kick off
his Minnesota Senate District 1 campaign at 7:00pm, July 14, during the Pennington County Fair Parade. Hahn will be available to the media immediately following remarks
to supporters.

Hahn is a proven leader with experience in both the private and public sectors. As
an alderman, Hahn developed a comprehensive plan for a 30-home neighborhood
and secured $1.4 million to launch the project. Additionally, he successfully lobbied $2.7 million for additional new housing in his community.

In the private sector, Hahn’s backgrounds are in business, manufacturing and
engineering. As a businessman, Hahn has developed strong international
relationships that continue to benefit the people of Northwest Minnesota.

“I’ve worked very hard to build a life in our great region, and I’m
aware of the challenging issues we have in our district,” Hahn said. “Our
taxes are too high, especially with the unfair distribution of State funds
to metro Minnesota.”

In particular, Hahn has a plan for curbing the epidemic rise of substance abuse in our communities.

Hahn is also a protector of rural Minnesotan sensibilities, including the right to bear arms, senior care, and the sanctity of life and marriage. He recognizes the difficulties experienced by farmers, and promises to fight to make farming a profitable endeavor again.

“While I admire those who’ve chosen careers in law, what the Legislature really
needs is a Senator with proven leadership experience, both in business
and in policy-making,” Hahn added.